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By on December 15, 2015
Our upcycled guesthouse / Atelier 'The Milkhouse'

Our upcycled guesthouse / Atelier ‘The Milkhouse’

We attach great importance to the highest possible ecological way of working and living. That means, for example, that we try to grow our own vegetables, herbs and fruits and we try to eat in season. Each year we get better.

Our countryhouse is large and consists of many rooms (most of them are still waiting for renovation). In cold periods we reduce our living space and so we don’t have to heat every room.

We cook on a wood burning stove which also heats our upcycled second hand SieMatic kitchen during cold periods. We like the ‘eco chic’ way. Our interior consists mainly of ‘vintage finds’ and antiques and we like upcycling. It’s not easy to find new bought stuff in our house except our laptops.

Our turning point

We have respect for all living beings on earth and see ourselves as temporarily guests of our millions of years old universe. We believe that everything is connected. We feel that we don’t want to be part of the earth destroying movements. We feel responsable for the way we live. We therefore try to make our footprint as small as possible. We therefore changed our way of living about 7 years ago.

Ok. And now about your work and the footprint concerning climatcare?

We are a Dutch publisher. And a PR & communication agency. And…

  • We work from our home office if we’re not abroad  (because we like traveling and work from our laptops). Soooo….that already helps a lot (no traffic jams etc.)
  • We choose laptops instead of desktops because they’re energy efficient
  • We switch off laptops at night. Or even when you don’t use them.
  • We use our printer and office paper only if we really really need to.
  • We use recycled paper
  • The office room in our house has double glazed high insulation windows
  • During cold periods we wear woolly jumpers
  • the walls of our office room are made of rammed earth (we live in an old landhouse). That material has a high insulation value.
  • We use ‘Savon de Marseille’, black soap from Africa or ‘green soap’ to clean our house and office
  • Our office furniture is vintage style! We bought some furniture from our own interior brand elisabethUNDjohannes
  • We know it takes a lot of resources to raise cows and we love animals. So our business lunches (and our private dinners) are mostly vegetarian (or even vegan, like today). We prefer Meatless Weeks instead of Meatless Mondays.
  • We switch off unnecessary lights and only use the lights we need
  • We take our phone charger out of the wall. We know it uses energy even when it’s not charging our phone.
  • Our ‘office room’ is a small room with a low ceiling so we save on heating costs

Small is beautiful!

And if you think “well, nice idea but this doesn’t bring our climate back”, I think you’re probably right. But hey, every start is a start…





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